Current In Memoriam, Last updated 02/19/2024

Last Name First Name Date Obituary  RMG
Heinrichs James 2020-Nov-25 View Southeastern & Southwest
Rasmussen Carolyn 2024-Feb-18 Obit Not Yet Available Heart of America and North Central
Rose Ingrid H. 2024-Jan-20 View Northern California/ Nevada
Pruitt Kenneth (Ken) 2024-Jan-31 View Non Member
Bluml Kay Ellen 2024-Jan-29 View Heart of America
Wadas Leonard (Len) 2024-Jan-11 View North Central
Meyer Mirth 2023-Dec-00 View Southern California
McPherson Regina Elise 2023-Dec-25 View Daughter of Sammie & Carrie
Hipple John Anthony 2023-Dec-16 View Non Member
Boyle Carol 2024-Jan-06 View Southwest
MacAulay Doug 2023-Sep-30 View Southwest
Whitworth Marcus (Mark) 2023-Dec-10 View None
Gehring Barry William 2023-Nov-26 View Northwest
Bernard Norma B. 2023-Sep-06 View None
Erickson Dewaine E. 2023-Nov-13 View North Central
Frahlich A. Scott 2023-Feb-12 View No RMG
Hyde Richard 2023-Oct-27 View No RMG
Gartman Ronald 2023-Nov-15 View Non Member
Smart Gerry 2023-Nov-10 View Mason-Dixon
Melhaff William E. 2022-Jun-02 View Northwest
Powers Thomas B. 2023-Nov-09 View Deep South Florida and Mason-Dixon
Bremer Dorothy "Dot" 2023-May-20 View Deep South Florida and Southeastern
Maus William "Bill" 2022-Nov-19 View Ohio
Langer Lewis 2023-Oct-29 View Valley of the Sun
Kobza John R. 2023-Oct-30 View Non Member
Lange Delva 2023-Oct-15 View Indiana
Webb Susan Voss 2023-Nov-02 View Southeastern
Brister Benjamin H. 2023-Oct-10 View Southwest
Blackstock Ralph 2023-Oct-07 View Non Member
Lubbert June I. 2023-Oct-12 View North Central
Tageson William C. 2023-Aug-30 View Non Member
Knapp Ruth Ann 2023-Sep-09 View Deep North Central
Beere Gail 2023-Sep-12 View None
Dziedzic Richard F. 2023-Jun-09 View Deep South Florida
Preisser Joyce 2023-Aug-31 View Southwest
Bard Shirley 2022-Nov-29 View Southern California
Wuerth Jacinta Maria 2023-Aug-25 View Non Member
Marlowe Claude Allen 2023-May-02 View None
Fry Richard C. 2022-Aug-14 View North Central
Anderson Dick 2023-Aug-02 View Southwest
Schulle Milt 2023-Aug-06 View Northern California/ Nevada and Southern California
Overmeer Frank A. 2022-Dec-19 View Southeastern
Kirkley Marguerite W. 2008-May-35 View Southwest
Melin Joni 2023-Jun-3 View North Central
Gilliam Herbert H. 2022-Jun-16 View Non Member
Mothershead Elbert M. (Mel) 2022-Dec-10 View Northwest
Gillibrand-DeClue Cheryl 2022-Nov-30 View Non Member
Spears Larry S. 2022-Jun-19 View Non Member
Schwaninger Sr. James C. 2022-Jun-11 View Southeastern
LaPlante Warren R. 2023-Jan-2 View Valley of the Sun
Roberts Carroll L. 2023-Jun-24 View Southeastern
Whitson Mac 2023-Jun-00 View Southwest
Riewe Susan Margaret 2023-Jun-2 View Non Member
Thomas Brenda Joy 2023-Jun-20 View Non Member
Davis Gary L. 2023-Jun-23 View Southwest
Tipps Carol (Mrs. James) 2023-Jun-11 View Deep South Florida and Southeastern
Gusewelle Jerry R. 2023-Jun-10 View Non Member
Leone Vincent L. 2023-May-15 View Non Member
McNabb Donald Keith 2023-Mar-26 View None
Jantz Robert Otto 2023-May-31 View North Central
Sears Christopher 2023-May-30 View Southwest
Gelvin Thomas A. 2023-May-19 View None
Davis Robert S. 2023-Apr-04 No Obit Available Northwest
McKay Arlene 2023-Mar-27 View None
Rudd Donald Stewart 2023-Apr-08 View Northern California/ Nevada
Newton Stanton C. (Stan) 2022-Dec-10 View Southern California
McCal Valeria 2021-Sep-7 View North Central
McKay Wallace 2023-Feb-25 View Northwest
McKay Joan 2023-Mar-2 View Northwest
Neighbarger Laraine 2021-Jul-22 View None
Rot William 2022-Apr-24 View North Central
McLaughlin Norrine A. 2021-Oct-08 View Deep South Florida
Ackerman, Jr. Frederick D. 2022-Jun-29 View Mason-Dixon
Elliott Melvin L. 2022-Dec-00 No Obit Available None
Lange Paul G. 2023-Feb-04 View Indiana
Morris Thomas "Tom" 2023-Feb-02 View None
Salmon Mrs. Vernon (Doris) 2023-Jan-26 View Valley of the Sun
Dunkel Roberta 2023-Feb-12 View Heart of America
Smith Nancy J. 2022-Oct-07 View Valley of the Sun
Anderson David C. 2022-Sep-28 View North Central, Valley of the Sun
Delozier Fred W. 2022-000-00 No Obit Available Southeastern
Lockett Robert 2022-Oct-8 View None
Arn Robert S. 2022-Dec-08 No Obit Available Deep South Florida
Hebert Trudy A.(Mrs. Homer) 2021-Oct-10 View Ohio
Griffith Jeannie 2022-Nov-26 View Mile High Denver
Scott Charles Edwin 2022-Dec-01 View North Central
Donner John Paul 2022-Nov-29 View North Central
Haines John D. 2022-Sep-24 View Heart of America
Hailey James 2022-Nov-30 View Southwest
Martinez Andrew 2020-Nov-27 No Obit Available Mile High Denver
Wadas Bernice C. 2022-Oct-14 View North Central
Kilgore James C. 2022-Oct-24 View Southeast
Broyhill John M. 2022-Oct-28 No Obit Available Deep South Florida
Striker Arvin Richard. 2022-Jun-19 View Ohio
Loque Jr. Donald Joseph. 2022-Oct-19 View None
Kutler Edwin. 2022-Sep-26 View Mason-Dixon
Whittaker Roger C.. 2021-Dec-07 View Southeastern
Sauchelli Ann Theresa. 2022-Jul-31 View None
Gray Charles William. 2022-Aug-26 View Southwest
Brewer Leona Lucille. 2022-Mar-30 View North Central
Richards Sandra Faith. 2022-Sep-29 View Southwest
Henrich Harriet Mae. 2022-Aug-12 View North Central
Green Jerry Lynn. 2022-Sep-20 View Southeastern
Bade Joseph W.. 2022-Sep-13 View None
Corrington Robert T.. 2022-Apr-22 No Obit Available Valley of the Sun
Jones Stanley Thomas. 2019-Dec-17 View Southwest
Linn Charles B.. 0000-000-00 No Obit Available Southern California
Summers Wanda. 2022-Apr-25 View Southwest
Menzel Harold. 2022-Aug-18 View Southwest
Dennigan Anthony "Tony". 2022-Feb-07 View
Silva Ron. N/A No Obit Available Deep South Florida
Scoggin James Maynard. 2022-Jul-07 View North Central
Lyons Gary. 2022-Jul-29 View None
Goad Jerry. 2022-Aug-06 View Southwest
Schuler Jean T.. 2021-Nov-10 View Mason-Dixon
Corey Ellen E.. 2018-Jan-13 View None
Loesch Janet Ann. 2021-Oct-20 View Southwest
Snyder Francis Ruth. 2020-Apr-29 View None
Krick Dorothy A.. 2018-Jul-21 View North Central
Kraus John James. 2022-Jul-07 View North Central
Nadeau Mary C.. 2022-May-13 View None
Pearson Robert "Bob". 2022-May-08 View Heart of America
Hauge Lois. 2020-Apr-03 View None
Sather Ronald J.. 2021-May-25 View None
Sain Jane Dyer. 2021-Aug-29 View Southeastern
Wagers Max Reese. 2018-May-26 View Heart of America
Diemer James R.. 2016-Jun-28 View Mason-Dixon
Etheridge Robert Joseph. 2022-Jun-26 View Deep South Florida
Carney Amy. 2022-Jun-14 View North Central
Indermuehle Carole V.. 2021-Aug-18 View North Central
Milleville Robert Frank. 2022-Jun-18 View Indiana
Poluski John Joseph. 2022-Jun-14 View Southwest
McPike Belden "Woody". 2000-May-15 View None
Sluman William A. "Bill". 2022-Feb-05 View None
Burchfield Anna Lee. 2022-May-17 View Southeastern
Anderson Charles "Jerry". 2022-May-11 View None
Hadtrath Donald Bruce. 2022-Feb-08 View North Central
Bogdala Richard Kenneth. 2022-Aug-20 View North Central
Ryan Howard J.. 2022-Apr-26 View North Central
Isch Marcia. 2022-Apr-18 View North Central, Southwest
Stiltz Orma Lee. 2022-Feb-12 No Obit Available Southern California
Christensen Donald Bruce. 2022-Mar-18 View Southwest
Miller David Welch. 2022-Mar-14 View None
Moriarty Frank. 2022-Mar-15 View North Central
Richards Warren Dean. 2022-Mar-07 View Southwest
Sawyer William Roger. 2022-Mar-05 View Southeastern
Haga Carroll Dean. 2022-Feb-24 View Valley of the Sun
St. Peters Jack Michael. 2022-Jan-19 View None
Edwards James Vaughan. 2022-Feb-10 View Heart of America
Langford Bobby Dale. 2022-Feb-16 View Southwest
Jewell Thomas Robert. 2022-Feb-09 View Deep South Florida
Amadio Nilah June. 2022-Jan-17 View None
Carney Richard "Dick". 2022-Jan-27 View North Central
Lacy James E. Jim. 2022-Jan-17 View Southeastern, Southwest
Oesterreicher Patricia A.. 2022-Jan-10 View Southwest